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  • Expert, quick and available 7 days a week

  • Same-day, 24-hour, time-specific, and standard production

  • Data security and strict confidentiality for all services

  • Certified and notarized transcriptions available

  • Over two dozen digital media and digital media file types accepted

"We maintain a high attention to detail to ensure that our diverse and industry-leading clientele are properly served. Working closely with our transcriptionists and translation professionals meets and exceeds our clients' objectives."


Service Highlights


  • Professional appearance

  • Ease-of-use (Upload/Download)

  • Prompt production

  • Client portal with repository

  • Standard PDF and Word production

  • Customer-directed formats

  • Condensed print capability

  • Full word search capability
  • Key word index review and printing

  • Notes section printing available

  • Timestamping available

  • Audio and video sync available

Legal Transcription Professionals


All court proceeding and deposition transcripts are performed by skilled and experienced court reporters and court transcriptionists. Many states require a court reporter to hold a certification obtained through the National Court Reporters Association or the National Verbatim Reporters Association, although some require their own state-specific certification. It typically takes anywhere from two to four years to learn the basic skills to become a court reporter.


The PDF Format Advantage

The PDF format is an open standard (not proprietary like others) with free viewing/printing software available for all Windows operating systems, Mac Operating Systems, and Mobile devices. PDF formatting and readers are available from multiple vendors. Adobe is the leading provider. 

Adobe Acrobat enables users to use a single program to manage their exhibits and transcripts, search across their transcripts and exhibit files with a single search, and markup or annotate the documents to collaborate with others.


HIPAA-Compliance and Meaningful Use Stage 2


Transcription Partners provides clients with a HIPAA-Compliant and securely segmented, multi-tenant, virtual private cloud. Though we do not focus on traditional medical transcriptions services, we utilize our servers to upload and share protected health information (PHI) for multiple industries, including legal, financial, and insurance. The private cloud hosts multiple customers, but it is dedicated to only those customers in industries who process or store PHI. Learn more.


Federal Regulations for Data Retention in the Financial Industry


Transcription Partners maintains compliance with SEC Rule 17a-4 (a.k.a. “FINRA requirements”) regarding data retention by retaining all files, links, attachments, and versions either uploaded or sent through our FTP server for a customizable period of at least three years.


Among other application security controls, we support the following business application controls required by SEC Rule 17a-4:


  • File retention, archiving and versioning

  • File integrity checking

  • Indexing and serialization

  • Audit trails


Additionally, our cloud provider acts as the Designated 3rd Party (a.k.a. D3P or Third Party Downloader) and provides FINRA with a Letter of Undertaking comprised of an electronic Storage Media Representation and a Third Party Access Attestation.


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