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You Have Our Word.

Our mission is to ensure each of our client and vendor partners receives the professionalism respect, and support they need to excel in their respective business and career objectives.


We guarantee your satisfaction.


You Have Our Word.

Security & Compliance

Transcription Partners safeguards your files with industry-accepted encryption protocols and algorithms in transit and at rest. We store your files in state-of-the-art data centers equipped to protect against data loss, even in emergencies. Learn More

Join Our Team

Transcription Partners is always looking for the best transcription professionals. Learn More.


Partners In The Community


Transcription Partners contributes resources to improve the health, environment, and lifestyle of the communities we serve.


Nationwide transcription, translation, and

interpretating services for all industries.


Since 1988, our principals and our trusted network of experienced transcriptionists have produced accurate, prompt, and professional results for clients worldwide.


Our services are available on a per project or contract basis.


Leading legal and law enforcement professionals, business, education, financial, and healthcare companies, and government organizations utilize our services each day. We tailor our services to meet clients' unique needs and exceed their objectives.


“For three generations, my family has been dedicated to fostering an impeccable reputation through our commitment to accountability and quality in the transcription and translation industries. I am proud to continue our rich history and serve our clients and friends."





Transcription Partners provides the secure and confidential conversion of audio, video, and text from both digital files and print into industry-standard and client specified text formats. Our services are available on a same-day, 24-hour, time-specific, or standard production basis.




Transcription Partners translates documents, audio, and video recordings to/from over 200 languages, including all the major African, American, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages. Our translation services complement our transcription services, allowing us to fulfill product and service requests in many languages.




Transcription Partners provides Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI) in 200 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we provide simultaneous and in-person interpreting services. With strict adherence and compliance to industry standards, our interpretations services complement our transcription services, event, conference, video remote interpretation (VRI), and third-party court reporting.


All Work Completed By Real Humans In The United States


Transcription Partners, based in the State of Florida, employs only experienced transcriptionists, translation professionals, and interpreters with all work completed in the United States of America. 


We use 100% Humans, 100% of the time.


The Transcription Partners Difference


As technology and the Internet have evolved, both transcription, translation, and interpretating services have become increasingly competitive.


Transcription Partners has continued to maintain and grow our business by providing our core services in a highly professional and uniquely personal manner.

  • We are based in the United States of America.

  • We have over thirty years dedicated industry experience.

  • A company principal is personally involved in each and every job.

  • We utilize the latest industry software and technology.

  • We are HIPAA-compliant and meet strict data privacy regulations.

  • We are members of regional and national industry organizations.

  • We background check experience, education, and certifications.

  • All projects are verified and proofread by multiple personnel.

Satisfaction Guarantee.


If you are ever not pleased with the performance or quality of any project, we will always do our very best to make it right in a professional and timely manner.

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